Heyey! was a web-hosting service startup from 2002-2004 that aimed to provide free web-hosting services to web community youth groups, student web designers, and non-profit organizations in the Philippines. The free hosting services to youth groups and web designers were made possible by having a few commercial web-hosting clients (small and medium enterprises, and independent web artists).

Some of the sites that were hosted in our servers:

…and there were a few more!

Supported young web designers’ communities

HEYEY! also actively sponsored web-related events organized by young web designers and netizens in the Philippines:

Philweavers’ ‘Eyeball’ event – Nov 7, 2003

Philweavers members and HEYEY! Founder / Webhostess Inday (Cheryl Fuerte)

Philweavers (the first Web design organization in the Philippines) had an ‘eyeball’ event in Mexicali in Makati. This event is sponsored by Heyey!

Philweavers’ Murder by Design – December 13, 2003

‘Murder by Design’ Philweavers’ event — organizers (Cheryl Fuerte, Stanley Coloma, Brian Vicencio, Jose Illenberger, Jeff Mendoza, et al)

Cavite Undernet Eyeball event – December 20, 2003

HEYEY! stopped its operations in 2004 although some long-term clients have continued to prefer hosting in its servers.